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Follow The Winners Podcast W/ Special Guest Rachel Fain of Nash News, and BOUNCE (Podcast Ep. 3)

In our Podcast Follower The Winners, we chat with people who have become successful in their lifetime, whatever way that may be. Interviewing people with many different backgrounds, lifestyles, and professions to learn about their journey into who they are today

Rachel Fain, owner of Nash News and BOUNCE! Entertainment Center, talks about her journey on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Nash News first started out as her "passion project" of showcasing Country Music news and artists on social media. Nearly 3 years later it has grown into a huge source for country music news, interviews and performances. With an Instagram following of over 146k, Nash News has now expanded to live performances, allowing small and big artists to showcase their music to new audiences.

Rachel had worked at BOUNCE! from high school to the end or her college career, not knowing what to do after college, she began looking for new opportunities. BOUNCE! Management had recognized her dedicate efforts throughout the years and did not want to let her go. Not long after, she was gifted part ownership of BOUNCE!

Rachel's story shows how following your passions and working hard, can turn into business opportunities you could've never imagined!


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