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Follow The Winners Podcast W/ Special Guest Carol Cole-Lewis (Podcast Ep. 1)

In our newest Podcast Follower The Winners, we chat with people who have become successful in their lifetime, whatever way that may be. Interviewing people with many different backgrounds, lifestyles, and professions to learn about their journey into who they are today.

Our guest Carol Cole-Lewis discusses that journey to where she is today. Carol is a socially-conscious, value-focused professional. With sales, marketing, and training experience obtained through working with individual customers; and companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages – from start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 100 corporations. She became an independent Power consultant in 2016 to inspire homeowners to gain energy independence.

Carol's journey from 22 years in the Business Development field to where she is today, shows how despite being in a successful position, being happy with what you are doing is more important. Being in a career that brings you true joy and accomplishment can lead you to be more successful than you would've been before!

Following the Winners is all about sharing people's stories, successes, and as well as sharing advice on how you can achieve that too!


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