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How To Make An Effective Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Every year you know it's time to do some holiday shopping. When the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals start to roll out, it is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your business. Here are some ways to make your business stick out!

1) Prepare In Advance

You don't want to be rushed to put together prices and marketing material a few days before the anticipated deals. Putting together a plan a few weeks beforehand lets you feel prepared and confident.

2) Get Ready for SALES

Black Friday is not just a one-day event anymore, it is a long weekend of sales! Making sure you have sales all the way up to the end of Cyber Monday is crucial to make the most sales. Fluctuating the different sales will keep your consumers checking back to see if prices have changed to a better number for them!

3) Create a Sense of Urgency

Although Black Friday is not a one-day event anymore, creating a sense of urgency to "GET IT NOW' will convince your consumers the sale will not stay at the same, low deal. Email marketing is great at this as it gives your customers that quick reminder to not wait

4) Hype up the sales coming up

Springing the sale on the day of Black Friday with no prior notice sent out to consumers may decrease traffic, as your competitors are also putting out deals. Sending out marketing enticing your customers on what is going to come up will be more effective. They will have you in mind before sales go out and will be more likely to purchase when sales are released.


Whether you sell a product or a service, The sales weekend is a great way to drive traffic and keep your consumers engaged.

Making sure you are prepared beforehand with the right marketing and right price points will ensure your Black Friday weekend runs according to plan

Tlo Productions will make sure we help you run your Black Friday Sales as effectively and smoothly as possible!

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