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Why Organic Marketing Works Better Than Paid Ads and Why You Should Use Them Together

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

When it comes to marketing your business, it may seem like paying a bunch of money to run advertisements is the only way. However, that's not the case, Organic Marketing is rising as it shows consumers your business is real, authentic, and trustworthy.

Organic Marketing Statistics

  • 53% of website traffic comes from organic search

  • Almost a third of consumers search for local businesses daily

  • Roughly 25.8% of internet users use ad blockers.


What Is Organic Marketing?

An organic marketing strategy is about generating traffic to your website, blog, or social media pages without paying for it directly.

Rather than using paid advertisements and AI programs to generate random engagement, Using organic strategies like blogs, social media, and videos/images that are concentrated on your audience will give better results. It makes the consumer feel as though they are being seen. As well as the business feeling like it is a human being, rather than a computer trying to make you spend ur money.

Interacting with your consumers is a great way to do this. Using hashtags, responding/reposting users showcasing your product/service, and listening to customer feedback, will give your business improvements. Growing along with what your consumers want will satisfy current clients and entice new customers!

Using Organic Marketing methods is also cost-effective! When you're going through social media and interacting with consumers yourself, the time you are spending doing that is bringing in more engaging followers that are interested in your business. Rather than spending a few hundred or more on Paid Ads. Although those may reach tons of people initially, it is bringing in more random people who may not have any interest in your product/business.


What Exactly is Paid Advertising?

A Paid Advertising strategy is using programs to reach people based on; the target customer based on criteria ranging from location, search terms, interests, demographics, previous purchases, and other pages visited.

Using paid advertisements can be effective for some, as they do drive results. However, when your small business wants to run ads, you are also going up against giant corporations that have huge marketing budgets. This can make you a small fish in a giant ocean waiting to be found, whilst these big corporations are running the ocean. You'll be shadowed by your competition and won't stand out.

Solely relying on using paid advertising methods can cost you thousands a month, yet only bring about maybe half of that in sales from these campaigns. In 2021 it was found only 27% of website traffic comes from paid searches. That could mean a huge loss to your business.


So, What Do You do?

The best you could do is use both to your advantage!

If you want to drive the most success to your business, integrating both of these methods into your marketing strategies will give you the best advantages!

By blending both into your business, the audience will feel more trustworthy when interacting with your business. Then using paid advertisements will reinforce your business legibility, and will reach people that may be interested in what you have to offer.


TLo Productions Can Help!

Here at TLo Productions, we fully believe in the organic and paid strategy blend! We offer many different marketing services, and we understand that everyone has a different budget and visual goal in mind. We are here to make sure you achieve both of those! Our first priority is to understand your business and who your clients are. With this information, we can design customized content to fuel your business.

Contact Us!

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