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Follow The Winners Podcast W/ Special Guest Chris Tucci of TUCCI RACING, (Episode 2)

In our Podcast Follower The Winners, we chat with people who have become successful in their lifetime, whatever way that may be. Interviewing people with many different backgrounds, lifestyles, and professions to learn about their journey into who they are today.

In the newest episode, we welcome Chris Tucci from Tucci Racing! He talks about his experience with producing street racing content on YouTube and Instagram. As well as being featured on a Discovery Show Street Outlaw. Which showcases his footage from racing events.

However, with that came trouble and controversy for Tucci due to negligent mistakes during the editing of the show. Tucci discusses how he struggled with the aftermath. After some time, he slowly bounced back and has continued to grow his business, with over 28.6K Followers currently on Instagram!

Tucci's Story is inspirational to those who face a major setback in their personal lives or career. His story shows that despite facing this, he has come back to continue to grow his brand and share his love for racing.


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